Dragon Mainland —— new star of GameFi field/industry that leads NFT game ecology, Official launch of Genesis Eggs


​2021 is known as the first year of NFT. Axie Infinity started the NFT and GameFi wave on this summer. Since then, P2E games with NFT as its core asset have occupied the market rapidly and NFT encryption game has entered a high-speed development stage. With development, Axie’s bubble problem begin to emerge. Due to the lack of a good token closed-loop and deflation mechanism, the players’ income can not be guaranteed, which makes the whole blockchain game play criticized and limits its own development. At the same time, game projects have sprung up dazzlingly, which are menacing and have great momentum to surpass Axie. There are some rising stars that consist of good mechanism design, who stand out among the competitors. Dragon Mainland has the highest popularity among them, and this is a GameFi ecosystem that is regarded by the community as playing and making money + continuous value-added. With its exquisite pass design and strong playability, it has set off a huge discussion in all the major communities around the world since September.


At present, it covers nearly 70,000 initial users across 25 countries including the Philippines, Singapore, United Kingdom, Malaysia, etc., and has established 12 language communities. The limited airdrops on October has given the early members of the community that have been supporting them enjoy great benefits. With the upcoming launch of Genesis Eggs, the initial users who participated in the community at the early stage is trying to get the better positions in the compete of Genesis Eggs by expanding their community influence and become the aborigines of Dragon Mainland. During the week-long airdrop activities from October 3 to October 10, there are more than 40,000 users all over the world participated in the airdrop activities. Dragon Mainland official Twitter is widely subscribed by fans. It has increased 30,000 fans in just one week, and its expansion speed stands out in the same type of P2E games. The discussion about this project is also flooded the whole encryption community. This makes people wonder about what kind of encrypted game is Dragon Mainland?


According to the official news, Dragon Mainland is a decentralized encrypted block game which combines PvP (Player versus Player) battles and PvE (Player versus Environment) battles, advanced reproduction, collection and cultivation. As the inspiration of how to train your dragon, establish a GameFi ecological platform based on the combination of community-driven NFTs+ DeFi+ games by the players constantly strengthened their dragon to earn multiple tokens.


In order to ensure the scarcity and playability of NFT assets of the game, the designer creatively proposed the concept of the creation of Genesis eggs. There are only 10,000 Genesis Eggs created, and will never be additional issuanced, which means the birth of dragons can only be produced through the incubation and reproduction of dragon eggs, to ensure the rights and interests of all NFT asset users. The users who have the Genesis Egg in the early stage will have a higher advantage in the game, and the Genesis Egg may be exchanged for Genesis Dragon NFT, which is very rare and possesses extremely valuable assets. 9,500 pieces of Genesis Eggs are used for snap-up, 100 pieces are distributed through invitation rewards, and 400 pieces are distributed through contribution rewards. This shows that when users and communities have more creation of genesis eggs, and if they have more creation of dragons in the early stage, they will get the most huge dividends in the early stage of Dragon Mainland, and they will have them in the economic system of Dragon Mainland. With a more advantageous position, the users will occupy a favorable position in the huge compete of dragon ecological of the Dragon Mainland in the future!


In the game ecological design, the designer made up for the shortcomings of the previous NFT encrypted game and solved the bubble problem caused by the proliferation of NFT. In the early stage of GameFi project, as time progressed, NFT cards proliferated and the bubble intensified, the inflation caused the value of NFT cards to decrease continuously, which further led to a decline in the profit-making effect of community participants, and the gradual reduction of participation in the community, which entered a spiral of death. According to community player Roger, Dragon Mainland has introduced a deflation mechanism and many innovative gameplay, which effectively solved the ecological balance problem and eliminated the bubble problem. In the deflation mechanism, the mechanism that dragons of the same attribute can devour each other and strengthen, thus avoiding the flood of dragon ecology; the setting of dragons to devour dragon skull can improve attributes while consuming the number of dragon skull, and dragon skull can only be obtained by pledging the original token DMS, which will greatly motivate the long-term supporters of the game; Dragon Mainland’s eco-token DMS will acquire and lock positions through platform revenue, forming a good closed loop, which will eventually bring absolute deflation of DMS. In the design of krypton gold, due to the speed of cultivation and the randomness of dragon skull absorption, players will perform krypton gold operation in order to upgrade their level and dragon level more quickly. Other game mechanisms such as DeFi mining + NFT dragon bonus, revenue aggregation, advanced reproduction and mutation, and DAO management, allow users to receive multiple benefits while providing advice and suggestions for the development of the game and obtaining corresponding incentive returns to realize resources sharing and ecological co-construction.


According to the latest official news, in order to further improve community users’ understanding of the project and convey the project vision, the official CEO of Dragon Mainland will hold an AMA event on October 14 to live broadcast with the well-known Philippine anchors; followed by the first round of Genesis Egg snap-up activities on October 15, the Genesis Egg is with the attribute of fire dragon, and the price is only 0.1BNB. As the most scarce native resource in the game, the news of the creation of Dragon Eggs snap-up activities has aroused extensive discussion in all major communities across the network. According to news, major communities have expressed their intention to use all their resources  to grab as many Genesis Eggs as possible in the first round of snap-up!


Dragon Mainland fully reflect the potential of the new generation of GameFi games. The mode of earning while playing also gives players more autonomy and ownership, which increases the participation of players. At present, Dragon Mainland has become a dark horse in the NFT game sector. In just one month, it has gathered over 70,000 active players worldwide. With the deepening of Dragon Mainland’s game map and the value mining of the community, Dragon Mainland is expected to become a leading in GameFi field after Axie, and truly make millions of peoples earning money in games to pay for the physical world! In the NFT game field, if you missed Axie, do you still miss the Dragon Mainland?

For more information, follow the official channel of Dragon Mainland:

Official website: dragonmainland.io

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