Carbon Pathfinder KAU is available for global subscription, come and participate!

In order to improve the quality of global environmental protection, drive the combination of blockchain technology + environmental protection, and establish a unified global carbon policy and carbon market, the Ministry of Environmental Protection of South Korea and the International Environmental Protection Organization (WWF), Singapore, the United States, Australia, France, etc. jointly initiated the establishment The main body of carbon emission operation, launched the carbon pather KAU, a global ecological civilization construction system that uses blockchain technology to solve the pain points of the current environmental protection and health industry.

Carbow Walker is determined to build the world’s first carbon option digital currency KAU on the blockchain to influence more people to participate in carbon dioxide emission reduction activities, and through the supervision of WWF WWF, KAU will be used as a global carbon exchange. China serves as a digital currency token.

Carbon Pathfinder KAU is available for global subscription, come and participate!


After more than 11 months, KAU has more than 350,000 loyal fans. Today, KAUcoin has now launched the entire network “KAU” subscription channel, and will start the third phase of subscription activity at 12:00 (UTC+8) on June 13, 2021.

Subscription details

The third issue of 10000000kau, the subscription price is 0.5-0.6$.


1. Please register and provide the ETH public chain blockchain wallet address of TokenPocket digital asset wallet KAU first

2. Send the TokenPocket digital wallet address to the official email

3. This subscription only supports ETH token subscription; USDT token subscription

4. This subscription will be transferred to

ERC20 :  0xeE229dcbA2b751A3fbc6e4CFee871F0d930715E2


And take a screenshot of the currency transfer voucher and the wallet address of the currency, send it to the official mailbox, and it will arrive within 2 hours after confirmation.

4. If there is an error or loss in this subscription, we will not be liable for any loss. (Please proceed with caution)

5. The final interpretation right of this subscription belongs to Carbon Walker.

Today, the carbon road maker KAU, a project worth 100 billion yuan, its appreciation space will become immeasurable as the world attaches more and more attention to ecological and environmental protection. A project that can link the global ecological and environmental protection forces and change the fate of the future of the earth has been unveiled. In the bud, there was only one time opportunity to grow in the future. We can seize the wealth opportunity of the environmental protection industry and the blockchain era.

Carbon Pathfinder KAU is available for global subscription, come and participate!

​In the future, the value of KAU certificate will increase with the increase of holders, and the price of KAU certificate will also rise with the popularity of this popular technology. And today, Carbon Road KAU invites you to relay the global carbon environmental protection, KAU, is looking forward to your joining.